“Israel's capacity for science and research will be tested in the Negev".

David Ben-Gurion
Israel’s First Prime Minister


The National Institute for Biotechnology
in the Negev Ltd.
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Mission and Vision


As a Center of Excellence, the NIBN wishes to pave the way from innovative research-driven discovery to commercialization.

As such the NIBN:

  • Identifies cutting-edge, innovative, and creative discovery-driven research among our researchers.
  • Provides the necessary funding and “bridges the gap” between basic and applied biotechnological research by leading preclinical proof of concept development and bio industry standardization with the support of the NIBN’s professional management team.
  • Fosters the development of an intellectual property strategy and the protection of novel ideas and technologies developed by NIBN researchers.
  • Pursues the commercialization of novel ideas, technologies, and intellectual property generated at the NIBN.
  • Creates crosstalk between the NIBN and the bio pharma industry to maximize the potential of exchanging ideas and technologies and promote research collaborations between the two entities.


Our vision is to plant the scientific seeds that will lead to the commercialization of novel ideas and technologies developed by NIBN researchers and contribute to the growth of a successful biotechnology industry in the Negev and Israel as a whole.


Today, the NIBN is recognized nationally and internationally as a unique institute, that fosters biotechnology and science, cultivates scientific excellence, and serves as a hub for biotechnology development.


Looking at the future, we envision that the NIBN will have a significant impact on the economic prosperity of the University, the Negev region, and the country, and will become a recognized global player.