Proteomics, Cytometry and Microscopy


The National Institute for Biotechnology
in the Negev Ltd.
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Dr. Alon Zilka

  • The Proteomics, Cytometry and Microscopy unit enables the study of single cells and different cellular populations at both spatial and temporal resolutions, thus allowing researchers to learn about time-dependent processes, neural growth, movement within cells, and other cellular events. Furthermore, the unit offers the study of molecular interaction through the measurement of kinetic parameters (affinity, dissociation, and association constants).


    The services provided by the unit include not only running experiments but also assistance with experiment design, instrument choice, analysis of results, and teaching students how to operate the equipment.

Unit Instrumentation

Proteon and the monolith for measuring affinity, the intermolecular interactions between proteins,
peptides, nucleic acids and other small molecules

FACS instruments for determination and high-speed isolation of subpopulations of cells by analyzing
protein expression on the cell surface

Spectral analyzer for easy and compensation-free multi-staining subpopulation analysis

Laser scanning confocal microscope, for high-quality image acquisition

High-throughput fluorescent microscopy instrument for high-speed automatic image acquisition and analysis

Robot and high-speed plate reader


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