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Ongoing Projects

Research Topic ProjectResearcher(s)
Cancer1New Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Strategies by Silencing SMAC/DIABLO Learn MoreProf. Varda Shoshan-Barmatz
Cancer2Targeting Translation Inhibition to Inhibit Tumor Adaptation to Metabolic Stress Learn MoreDr. Barak Rotblat
Cancer3CARTIV: Chimeric Antigen Receptor Within Tumor-Induced Vector (Promoter-Based Targeting of CAR Expression to Tumor Site) Learn MoreProf. Angel Porgador, Prof. Roi Gazit
Metabolic diseases4Modulation of ABC exportersLearn MoreDr. Gabriel Frank
Neurodegenerative diseases 5Bispecific Protein Inhibitors for the Treatment of Osteoporosis and Osteogenesis
Imperfecta Learn More
Prof. Niv Papo, Dr. Noam Levaot
Neurodegenerative diseases6TRAMMICS: Target Receptor Activating Membrane Moiety with Inert Cytoplasmic Stub
Learn More
Profs. Angel Porgador, Alon Monsonego
Neurodegenerative diseases7Fortis: A New Rapid Screening Assay for Cognitive Enhancement Compounds Learn MoreDr. Shira Knafo
Neurodegenerative diseases8Identification of Novel Pharmacologically Active Compounds in Insect VenomDr. Shira Knafo, Prof. Frederic Libersat
Platforms9Rapid Diagnostic Assay for Antibody Dependent Enhancement Following Secondary Flaviviruses Infection Learn MoreProf. Tomer Hertz
Platforms10Novel Profiling of Influenza Immune History: Implications on Vaccine-Induced Immunity and Efficacy Learn MoreProf. Tomer Hertz