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Research Fields

Research at the NIBN is applied to a variety of research fields. We encourage and support multidisciplinary research initiatives between researchers from a variety of research clusters aiming to promote innovation and to develop novel applied technologies and therapeutic modalities originated from Ben-Gurion University (BGU).  The decision to focus on these fields brings together existing strengths with resources unique to the NIBN and BGU.

Research includes identification of new targets and the development of novel approaches, small molecules, proteins, peptides and platforms for the treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases and human genetic disorders.

The NIBN also promotes research in the burgeoning field of agricultural biotechnology (Agbio), to help make agriculture more sustainable and to increase yields. The specific AgBio projects under the NIBN are selected based on the underlying foundation that the skills and knowhow of the NIBN team members in molecular biology and in project and patent management will provide significant added value to these projects.
Currently the NIBN is supporting research in the fields of Aquaculture and microbiome manipulation.